Hydrogen Hack

About the Hydrogen Hack

Hydrogen Hack is an annual event run by Arcola Energy that introduces young people aged 12-18 to hydrogen fuel cell technology by challenging them to build something using a hydrogen fuel cell and code to make something useful.

The first event was run in the Summer of 2017 with 100 participants in ten centres in the UK, building projects over a week and showcasing them at a competition held at Ravensbourne in London.

The winning entrant was a haptic stick for blind people that used the hydrogen fuel cell to power arduino and the microbit to sense obstacles and alert the user through vibration and sound.

Other winners were:

Best eg of electrical engineering – Duck the David (BOC Centre)
Best eg of Programming – Noise Cancelling (Anglo American Centre)
Judge’s Wild Card – Super Steave (Sheffield/ITM Centre)
Best proof of concept – Filter Fire (Arcola Centre)
Fun prize – Tomato Juice (Monmouth Centre)
Best use of Hydrogen – Breath (Monmouth Centre)
Special mentions to Night Pillow and LZJZ (Techniquest and Bolton Centres)

Information for 2018

In 2018 Arcola will be running the Hydrogen Hack as part of a programme of outreach work alongside the Asian Games 2018 in Indonesia

Contact us

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How much does it cost?

The Hydrogen Hack is free but you must apply to attend by filling out the 'Register as an Attendee' form above.

Do I need to have lots of experience?

We want attendees with a mixture of skills and levels of experience from beginners to experts.

When will places be assigned?

We will assign places at the beginning of July.

Will there be help on hand at the hack?

Each centre will have a team of Mentors and Experts on hand to help with technical questions and troubleshooting.

How will attendees get to the final in London?

Each centre will have a designated chaperone who will bring attendees to London and back. The mode of transport will be arranged by the centre.