Hydrogen Hack

About the Hydrogen Hack

We’re bringing together 100 young programmers and engineers aged 8 to 18 for a week long hack held during the Summer Holidays at 10 Centres across the UK.

The hack is free, but due to the limited number of spaces available you must apply to participate by filling out the ‘Register as an Attendee‘ form below.

Using fuel cells and programming our young inventors will use their creativity and engineering skills to hack hardware, making it move faster, longer or to take its first steps as an animate object!

There will be a competition held in London at the end of the week where each team will compete to win the highly coveted Arcola Cup.

The Challenge

Challenge 1:
Choose an object from the box provided in each centre.
With the help of our engineering and programming experts, use the Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Fuel Cell provided make it do something new.

Challenge 2:
Blow our minds!

The dates are the 21st-25th August.

The final will be held at Ravensbourne University on the 26th August.

You have to be aged 8-18 in August 2017 to take part



How much does it cost?

The Hydrogen Hack is free but you must apply to attend by filling out the 'Register as an Attendee' form above.

Do I need to have lots of experience?

We want attendees with a mixture of skills and levels of experience from beginners to experts.

When will places be assigned?

We will assign places at the beginning of July.

Will there be help on hand at the hack?

Each centre will have a team of Mentors and Experts on hand to help with technical questions and troubleshooting.

How will attendees get to the final in London?

Each centre will have a designated chaperone who will bring attendees to London and back. The mode of transport will be arranged by the centre.

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